Meet The Team

Carl J. Scimeca - President & Editor

Carl Scimeca is originally from NYC/NJ. He has been filming all over NYC's greatest nightclubs, and producing music videos for up and coming music artists. Now in California, he plans to lead himself and his colleagues to a stylized and sleek approach to visuals.

Social Media: @carljscimeca

Kevin Music - Cinematographer

Kevin Music is a cinematographer and photographer from Phoenix, AZ now living in Los Angeles. He has worked on several music videos and short films, as well as several  experimental pieces

Instagram: skevon 

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Cooper Nelson - Director

Cooper Nelson is a filmmaker from Houston, Texas now living In Los Angeles. He has gotten short films into multiple film festivals including Worldfest Houston, San Francisco Film Festival,  Boulder Film Festival, and New York Film Festival.

Social Media: @cooprnelson

Beau Hogan - Producer

Beau Hogan is a producer originating from Reno, Nevada. He's worked a number of different roles on various projects, including short films and music videos.